A downloadable deck of cards

A set of pixel-art playing cards used for card games such as Solitaire and Poker. Licensed under CC0.


  • 27x34 resolution per card
  • Vibrant 14 color palette
  • 8 back designs

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AuthorSpicyGame Studios
TagsAsset Pack, cards, Pixel Art, solitaire
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


Cards.zip 27 kB

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Can i use them commercially ? if so, how should i credit your work and what terms apply ? also, these cards are sick man, nice work !

They're CC0, meaning they can be used for any purpose. Credit is optional but appreciated.

This is awesome but I think they're missing the jokers. Would love to have them as I'm using these in an implementation of Donsol. With credit of course :)

We've just added the Joker card and a new back design. Sorry for the late update. 😅

This pack is missing the 9 and 10 cards.

Yeah, we forgot about those. 😅 They've just been added along with 2 new back designs.

Very nice, thank you for the fast update!


I love this resource, God bless you

These are perfect for what I needed!! Great size and choice of options :D



Of course!

Love this asset, thank you!